The New York Times on how students find calm in classrooms


On October 23 The New York Times published Elisabeth Harris’s story of classrooms across the city where students take time to turn inward.

““It used to be that you wouldn’t say ‘meditation’ in polite company,” said Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation, a charitable foundation founded by the director of “Blue Velvet,” that promotes and teaches Transcendental Meditation to adults and children, including those at Brooklyn Urban Garden.

“Now we’re working with all the large banks, we’re working with hedge funds, we’re working with media companies. People are having us come in as part of their wellness programs, and that wasn’t the case even two years ago.””

Indeed, the widespread adoption of meditation in schools across the country is a sign of a positive shift in the public opinion. Hopefully this will translate into increasingly systematic research and application of meditation techniques in schools across the globe.

The New York Times
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