Lo Bosworth: “After four days of doing TM I could suddenly sleep. It was crazy!”


Fans of the Laguna Beach and The Hills star Lo Bosworth can now get solid advice from the A-lister not only on fashion and food, but also on how to bust stress effectively.

In a recent interview to The New York Magazine Lo revealed her secret for keeping calm and cool:

“I do transcendental meditation, it’s called TM. You do it for 20 minutes in the morning, and then 20 minutes in the evening.”

A natural cure against anxiety and insomnia

“It’s an interesting type of meditation,” Bosworth explained. “You have a word that you say to yourself over and over again, but the word holds no meaning, so it’s easier for your mind to go to a clear, focused place. It really helps.

“Since I started meditating, my stress and anxiety have totally gotten under control. I have terrible insomnia, and about a year ago I started doing TM. After four days of doing TM I could suddenly sleep. It was crazy. You don’t need the Ambien! You can sleep magically all of a sudden! I do the TM technique primarily for stress management, though. Stress long term in your body is terrible for your health. It’s the No. 1 cause of heart disease in women. Taking care of myself now, I realize, is really important for my long-term health and wellness.”

She has also sang praise to the technique on her blog Listing it as one of five easy ways to be healthy.

Lo Bosworth wrote:

“In addition to my insomnia, I also have a minor anxiety disorder!  Yay, being an adult in NYC rocks guys. Dealing with stress is tough, especially when anti-anxiety medication for the long-term is not part of an ideal plan for good health.

“A friend suggested I try meditation about a year ago and desperate to do anything to make me feel better I learned about Transcendental Meditation and took a class to learn how to do it. After 4 days of the practice, I was sleeping more easily and that lump in my throat – the one that signals my anxiety — started to go away.

“Meditating helps by releasing the stress you’re holding on to, leaving your brain more relaxed and your body healthier.”

Who could resist this solid advice?

From reality TV to entrepreneurship

Lauren Ogilvie “Lo” Bosworth rose to fame with reality shows Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, both documenting the day-to-day lives of her and her friends.

In 2010, Lo published her first book The Lo Down in which she shared her adventures in and advice on dating and love. Since 2013, Bosworth has been a successful entrepreneur, running the party supply company Revery House.

Currently, Lo shares stories on fashion, wellness and food on her popular blog The Lo Down by Lo Bosworth.

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