Quiet Time helps students be less anxious, increases their self-confidence


Results published in Contemporary School Psychology indicate that students who participate in Quiet Time score significantly lower on anxiety and higher on resilience than comparison group students.

Happier, less anxious students

The new study examined the impact of participating in Quiet Time program on 141 ninth-grade students by comparing their outcomes to those of a group of 53 ninth-grade students attending a school that did not participate in the program.

In addition to reduced anxiety, students who participated in Quiet Time also self-reported increases in their sleep, happiness, and self-confidence.

With the objective of decreasing psychological distress in students and improving their mental health outcomes, the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education (CWAE) has partnered with the large San Francisco Unified School District to implement the Quiet Time program in several of the district’s middle and high schools. The current research builds on the district’s experience with the Quiet Time program by examining its efficacy with high school students.

Quiet Time, a key to academic success

The mental health and emotional well-being of young people is of concern world-wide. A large body of research has shown that stress compromises cognitive functioning, behavior, and emotional and physical well-being, and impacts negatively student learning.

The Quiet Time program provides a 15-minute period at the beginning and end of the school day where students may practice Transcendental Meditation or another quiet activity such as reading silently to oneself.

The purpose of Quiet Time is to reduce stress, enhance health and well-being, and increase students’ readiness to learn.


Wendt, S., Hipps, J., et al. “Practicing Transcendental Meditation in High Schools: Relationship to Well-being and Academic Achievement Among Students,“ Contemporary School Psychology, July 2015.


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