Judy Greer’s short film on Quiet Time and meditation


“I had never directed anything before, but I really wanted to. So I got on the phone with [AOL] and pitched them a couple different ideas, and they realized how passionate I was about Transcendental Meditation. I was like, “Oh, OK, cool!” What I was able to do with my director of photography, David Wolf, was so cool and so beautiful.“ — Judy Greer, actress

The American actress Judy Greer has just added  movie director to her resume. In the new AOL series of short documentary films directed by actors, Greer showcases how the Quiet Time programand the Transcendental Meditation technique are changing the lives of teachers and students.

Quiet Time at Aspire Ollin public school, LA

Judy Greer explained her choice of topic for the movie: “I have been meditating for over 2 years now. And I’ve always been fascinated by the David Lynch Foundation – that they would be able to teach an entire school to meditate. To me, it seemed like a very … unlikely story!“

Aspire Ollin University Preparatory Academy in Los Angeles, the school where Greer shot her film, is one of several schools in the city which are offering TM practice with the help from the David Lynch Foundation. It is also a member institution of the Aspire public shools network – one of the US’s highest performing low-income school systems.

Judy Greer: Transcendental Meditation ’creates so much more time for you’

In a recent interview with Glamour, Greer said:

“I had been wanting to try and learn how to meditate, and I did research on the different types of meditation. The Transcendental Meditation technique seemed the easiest, and I liked that it wasn’t religious in any way. So, I did a little research of how to do it, and in the middle of it, I’m traveling for work, and I get to this location, and I meet this girl, and she says, ‘Oh, I had the best day off, I meditated,’ and I was like, ‘Wait, what do you do to meditate?’ She said, ‘I do Transcendental Meditation’. It was one of those things that I had already been hearing a lot about.

Obviously, my tip first is to incorporate meditation into your schedule. It sounds like a lot—‘Twenty minutes twice a day, how can I ever do that?!’—but creating that time to meditate ends up creating so much more time for you. My second tip is to get more sleep. Everything is so much more overwhelming when you’re so tired.“

Watch the movie, from the AOL series In Short

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