Positive emotions and well-being


Research shows that people practicing the technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM) feel more positive emotions and have a higher level of psychological well-being. In the physiological sense, this effect is due to the Transcendental Meditation practitioners having more frontal EEG coherence. As frontal EEG (recording of electrical activity on brain surface) coherence reflects structural and functional connection between brain areas, then this in turn correlates with:

  • more positive psychological traits (e.g. emotional stability, security, high self-esteem, easiness with others, inner orientation)
  • less negative psychological traits (e.g. anxiety)

Longitudinal study of new Transcendental Meditation practitioners showed that after 2 months of meditation, frontal broadband coherence was significantly increased during Transcendental Meditation practice, eyes-closed rest and eyes-opened tasks.

Positive changes achieved during Transcendental Meditation practice thus become stable within a short time and are also sustained outside meditation.

Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural and effortless mental technique practiced twice a day for 20 minutes. It is easy to learn from a qualified teacher (it only takes 1-2 hours on 4 consequtive days) and enjoyable to practice independently hence forth. Read more about Transcendental Meditation

Positive emotions

One study looked into the feelings associated with clarified gamma output at the prefrontal cortical region.

Using neurofeedback this state was induced in both Transcendental Meditation practitioners and controls. However, people who practiced Transcendental Meditation produced around 5 times greater increase in clarified gamma output at the prefrontal cortical region.

Such state of mind is associated most with feelings:

  • love
  • happiness

associated least with feelings:

  • stress
  • disappointment

In general, positive emotions:

  • boost immune system
  • help recover from stress
  • regulate hormonal balance

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