See Ringo Starr, David Lynch Discuss Beatle’s Career, Meditation


Ringo Starr and David Lynch recently got together to discuss the former Beatle’s career, as the filmmaker readied the release of an album capturing songs from the tribute concert his foundation held in Starr’s honor last year. They discussed Bettye LaVette’s bluesy interpretation of “It Don’t Come Easy” (“[She] took my song and turned it into something else, which was so incredible,” the Beatle said), Joe Walsh’s boogie-ing “Back Off Boogaloo” (“Nobody plays better than Joe”) and Ben Harper’s “Walk With You” (“He loves to play”), among others.

Those songs, along with covers by Ben Folds, Brendan Benson and the Head and Heart, and an appearance by Starr himself, feature on The Lifetime of Peace & Love Tribute Concert, which comes out today. The band for the night featured Don Was, Peter Frampton, Steve Lukather and Kenny Aranoff, among others. Proceeds will benefit the David Lynch Foundation, a organization that raises awareness of transcendental meditation.

“Transcendental meditation is a unique form of meditation — an ancient form of meditation – brought back by Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi,” Lynch explains at one point in the above video. “Transcendental meditation takes you from the surface to the deepest level of life and it takes you there easily and effortlessly. You transcend.”

“When you reach any depth, it is unbelievable,” says Starr, who studied with Yogi along with the other Beatles and continues to practice transcendental meditation. “You only know when you come out that you’ve actually gone somewhere else. … Mahareshi had this great thing about how close we are together, all living things. And everything living will support you as long as you’re doing something for good. And I love those principles. My dream is one day at noon on my birthday, when I go ‘peace and love,’ that the whole world will do it, and that will be a beautiful time.”

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