“Nothing makes me happy, I AM happy!”


Preston Lindsay. Photo: Standard Journal

In a wonderful article written for the Idaho’s Standard Journal, staff writer Preston Lindsay describes his experience with the Transcendental Meditation practice.

The driver’s seat in your head

Though Preston learned the technique only recently, the impact has already transformed the way he sees himself and the world around him:

“Imagine if you would, looking at your mind from a completely different perspective. One where you aren’t actually you. Or rather, more you than you’ve ever been, more than you can ever remember being. Feelings are deeper, more raw, but also bear no detrimental effects. You feel connected to your mind, but much older and experienced.

It’s much like being in the driver’s seat in the vehicle of your head, without being lost in its mechanics. “Be upset about them not liking you, move your hand, smile, be happy,” you think. But imagine being underneath it all. Before thought.”

What can be more convincing than science?

Preston concludes his article by touching on the plethora of measurable benefits of the Transcendental Meditation practice, and then setting those next to his own subjective, existential experience:

“And all these [scientifically proven]results are indeed helpful, even miraculous, but don’t matter at all in comparison.

The real benefits of this practice are immeasurable.

It’s like being in love, but instead of this love directed at someone or something, it’s directed at everyone and everything.

The quiet joy, the subtle smile, and the perpetual peace are more than enough.”

Read full article:
“My experience with meditation”
by Preston Lindsay, Standard Journal

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