David Lynch interviews Paul McCartney about Meditation and Maharishi (Part 2 of 2)


Paul McCartney reveals more stories about his first experiences with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation..

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Part two – David Lynch interviews Paul McCartney.

David Lynch: Did Maharishi personally teach you?

Paul McCartney: Yes, so what happened then, we went to Bangor in Whales, and we attended a seminar there. And, as you know there were always lots of flowers around Maharishi so there was always a very… Nature was very involved, you go the feeling.. he often used to carry the flowers. There was this feeling of connection of nature, that was very grounding. And then eventually we went out to Rishikesh with him, which was more sustained.

David Lynch: How long had you been meditating when you went to Rishikesh?

Paul McCartney: I am not sure of the exact times, because it was forty years ago, but I would say a month or so… roughly that.

Paul McCartney: When you got to Rishikesh, you went to the ashram and what was the routine like? What was the experience like in Rishikesh?

Paul McCartney: It was great it was very straight forward, very simple. The whole place was very simple, there was nothing fancy about it. You would wake up, then go for breakfast in the morning, a light breakfast. You socialize a bit with the other members, and get to know each other. And then you would go back for your morning meditation… go back to your room. We had little chalets kind of thing. Each of us had little rooms, which were very simple but adequate. And, you would just sit, and you would meditate. And, then was lunch and again you would socialize and chat and stuff. Then you would meditate in the afternoons. Sometimes Maharishi would have a meeting every so often with you, and you could talk to him about your experiences and he would help guide you. In the evening there was a kind of question and answer session.

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