Healing & transforming lives from within: DLF’s inspiring video reel


 David Lynch Foundation has just released a new heart-warming video reel which highlights the transforming effect of their work – bringing stress relief through Transcendental Meditation practice to the most vulnerable populations.

As Bob Roth, the executive director of the Foundation, states in the video:

“The epidemic of stress; it’s the black plague of the 21st century. Modern medicine has no way to prevent it, and no way to cure it.

The impact of stress is so huge. It fuels 80 to 90% of all diseases, from heart disease, cancer, to the common cold to anxiety, depression, to eating disorders and learning disorders.

The research shows that not only does Transcendental Meditation reduce physical stress and improve physical health, but it improves mental health, behavior, performance and productivity. We’re bringing TM teachers to schools, homeless shelters, military bases.

In the past 10 years, the DLF has demonstrated the beneficial effects of TM are for everyone.

We’d like to bring it all over the world, to really show this is a transformational tool that can rebuild the interior landscape in a way that the world is desperately looking for.”

In one of the touching segments, Antwan Penn, a TM Instructor to inner-city school children, states:

“You never know what battles someone is fighting…

Like the challenges I faced when growing up. Every time you were taking the garbage out you could end up getting stabbed, shot, killed.

And if you’re not getting rest, stress is near unbearable. That’s what the David Lynch Foundation is about: creating a safe space for individuals to meditate to help them deal with the trauma they’ve been through. And set them up for success later in life as well.”

To help support the David Lynch Foundation’s work sharing Transcendental Meditation to help heal the world this Holiday, please click here!

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